Our services

  • Property viewings based on the client's own requirements.
  • Once the client has chosen the property, our agency assists them with all legal steps involved in the property purchase, such as executing the Buying Contract (alternatively also the Future Purchase Contract), establishing a company, legal and notarial services or conducting the Property Registration Proposal.
  • The Croatian real estate market is very specific due to it “dual registration” system – a record is kept of every property both at the Land Registry and in the territorial records of the Municipal Court. A large percentage of properties lacks proper documentation, whether the problem is the Land Registry, a building permit or the opaque ownership structure. Many properties are currently in the phase of a legalisation process. Our agency helps the client to make the property buying process more transparent and guarantees a legal status of the property in the contract.
  • Our agency helps the client find a property which fits their requirements - location, size, price range, sea distance, etc.
  • After the contract signing, we assist our clients with the registration of the property at the Land Registry Office, we conduct the Property Registration Proposal for the territorial records of the local Municipal Court and we file the application for the real estate-transfer tax at a local taxing authority.
  • We assist our clients with transferring the utility accounts into their names (water, electricity, telephone, waste).
  • All our client services are included in the brokerage commission.