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I am the company owner with base in the Czech Republic and Croatia and I sell real estates on the Croatian coast – from old stone houses to front row villas, houses for renovation and brand new houses and apartments.

My goal is to provide you with a very personal approach that gives you a sense of security at every step of the buying process and that minimizes the efforts you would have to devote to this process. After the viewings, where your presence is necessary, I am able to complete the whole process without you having to leave the Czech Republic.

My main focus are properties such as family villas with premium locations, as close to the sea as possible or at least with a beautiful view. I operate in Central Dalmatia, that is from Zadar to Split, including the islands. I am not able to cover a larger area since unlike other Czech agencies who only mediate contact to Croatian agencies, I personally know most of the owners whose properties I am selling.

I have been active in Croatia for over twenty years, I have a permanent residency here and I will always provide you with the most up-to-date information related not only to the course of the entire purchase process but also to the life at sea as such. I have over 200 completed sales and I am happy to provide references with the consent of my client.

Croatia is very attractive for a Czech citizen in terms of buying a real estate at sea. One of the favouring factors is the distance – the trip from the Czech Republic by car takes about 8 to 10 hours, charter flights operate during summer from early May to late October and the flight takes an hour and a half. Another advantage is the similarity of the language and the cultural proximity of both nations.

After buying a property, many of my clients turn to me with requests for managing their renovation or house reconstruction, paying their bills or reading their electricity meters. Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity for such services but I can recommend a Czech speaking colleague in Split who knows her way around and will be happy to assist you for a small fee. As part of my service, I will transfer all utilities to your name, arrange the payment of the transfer tax, explain to you where, when and how water, electricity, waste, taxes, etc. are paid. You will receive your purchase contract in a bilingual form, incl. the Czech translation, and notarized. Please see more details in FAQs.

I am able to provide you contacts for local craftsmen, introduce you to the local community, recommend a person who will take care of your boat or help you set up a mooring.

It is beautiful to have a house at sea, it is nevertheless also important to keep in mind that owning a property comes with certain responsibilities. However, the salty sea air, the warm climate and the cleanest sea in the world will compensate you for these worries a thousandfold.

I look forward to meeting at the viewings! 

Ing. Marcela Komenda